Why would an artist need a website?

If you want to reach a wider audience, you must be seen online. Today it is really a necessity.

However, many artists do not see the potential and possibilities of skillfully building their image online and creating a professional personal brand using it.

It may seem too little creative, "non-artistic", but it is difficult to reach more art lovers today without a professional presence online.

Full control

If you have already decided to promote your work online, it cannot be done without a good website. Such website will also help you "offline".

It will give you the opportunity to fully and coherently present your own work, but also absolute control.

It is up to you to decide how your work is to be presented - it gets the right setting, and does not die on the wallpaper of facebook friends and random people, somewhere between posts about sweet kittens and lunch photos.

You can stand out

Maybe it is a paradox, but unfortunately not in the world of artists. Such site allows you to stand out from the social media crowd. It is a prestige and a business card.

Many artists do not have their own modern websites or have it prepared in a not very professional way, e.g. on a free server, not responsive or in the form of a blog, where the latest entry is dated 4 years ago.

Make them trust you

Professional presentation of the artist inspires trust in potential partners or clients.

You send a clear signal to collectors: I take my work and artistic career seriously - buying my paintings is a good investment.

Instagram profile is not enough

Betting solely on presence in social media, from the point of view of developing your career as an artist and, above all, building your personal brand, raises some dangers and problems.

You stop being the sole owner of your profile and the data you put there.

They are also owned by Facebook or Instagram. And, as owners, they can, without giving a reason, delete your profile.

Without paying, it is very difficult to increase the reach of your posts.

This makes it much more difficult to grow your audience.

The moral aspect of the business model of such platforms is also important: they earn from your personal data, and the more data they have, the more they can earn.

And they never share their profits with their users.

What's the truth?

If you want to develop your activity not only in the strictly artistic aspect, you cannot think in the categories "Instagram is enough for me, because it is free and everyone is there".

If you want to effectively grow the group of lovers and collectors of your work, you must create a well-thought-out and coherent strategy for the development of your personal brand.

In this strategy, social media presence and a professional website complement each other, not exclude each other.

It is difficult to find a serious business that does not have a website and is not present in social media.

Creating a website raises several issues

Of course, setting up a website raises a few problems that artists may simply not be able to deal with.

The website can cost thousands. You need specialist knowledge to build and operate it.

Many artists, especially beginners, can neither afford such an expense nor have the knowledge necessary to grasp the technical aspect of the website.

Until recently, these problems were too big to handle.

How websitefor.art can help you

You don't need any technical knowledge to set up a website.

Your website will be child's play to use: adding photos, galleries or posts is a matter of a few clicks.

You can also enrich your website with the possibility of adding comments using Facebook, sharing content in social media, visit statistics, etc.

In short, you will gain an excellent tool to promote your work online and build a fully professional personal brand as an artist.

Instead of paying thousands for buidling of your site, all you have to do is hand over one of your works: a painting or a sculpture... and that's it!

For more details, please email us info@websitefor.art.
You can have your own, professional website, tailored to your expectations. The whole process is just a few simple steps away.
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