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Strona Svitlany Ulki

W całej Polsce powstało kilkadziesiąt murali na podstawie jej autorskich projektów i również we współpracy z polskimi artystami, murali komercyjnych i charytatywnych.
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Aleksander Zywiecki's website

Author of over forty solo exhibitions in Poland and abroad. His works are in private collections in Poland and abroad.
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Martyna Czech's Website

Winner of Grand Prix - Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Biennale of Painting "Bielska Jesień 2015" in Bielsko-Biała.
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Anna Jarzymowska's Website

She deals with abstract painting . Her paintings emanate with energy , they refer to the world of biology . She draws inspiration from nature, especially from underwater spaces, inaccessible to human eyes, the world of dreams.
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Krzysztof Loginski's Website

He constantly looks for beauty in nature, architecture, design, graphics, street art, and painting. She designs interiors and paints pictures. She cooks and travels. She collects inspirations.
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Pawel Porada's Website

He does easel painting, drawing and graphics. The main theme of his paintings are portraits, which he juxtaposes with various elements in an ambiguous way.
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Michał Węgrzyn's Website

His art is based on characteristic forms and structures observed in urbanized and industrialized areas and often forgotten.
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Grzegorz Klimek's Website

"In painting, I'm interested in exploring the structures that are a component of each of the objects around us. It is their relations in micro and macro space that determine the "reality" we see.
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Malwina Puszcz's Website

She creates energetic geometric compositions in the technique of acrylic on canvas. In her works she focuses on dynamic form and strong, saturated colors.
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Katarzyna Kania's Website

She draws inspiration from the energy of cosmic and crystalline dimensions, transcendence and mythology, fairy tales, legends and fantasy world.
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